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Be a Blessing

We as humans were not created for isolation but for association; we find fulfillment in helping others, lifting each other up. This is so because our joy reside in the joy of others. While this is not absolute, it is how we are wired. The songs in this episode seeks to reinforce that innate desire in everyone of us. Even though our fears and insecurities seek to debar us from giving of our time, resources and affection to help someone else, we do feel guilty afterwards, unless of course we have drowned our consciences. Contents include: * Seed To Sow - Michael W. Smith * My Own Little World - Matthew West * Letter To The President - Hawk Nelson * Come Right Out And Say - Relient K * Learning To Be The Light - New World Son * BFF - PureNRG * When You Give - Mark Schultz
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This episode is focused on the hurting; it doesn't matter what the other person did, all you have now is yourself. While it can be very hard to forget and move on, the songs in this episode of our podcast will help you begin the process of recovery. Contents include: * Forgiven - Relient K * Beauty From Pain - Superchic * Dare You To Move - Switchfoot * Leave It In The Valley - Mandisa * On My Own - Barlow Girl * You Raise Me Up - Celtic Myst * Meet With Me - Shout To The Lord Kids 2


We take a look at Healing in this episode, and we believe that your Faith will be re-energized as you listen to the songs in this podcast. Contents include: * Healing Power - Michael W. Smith * The Name Lives On - David Phelps * My God's Enough - Barlow Girl * Shifting Sand - Caedmon's Call * Something's Gotta Change - David Phelps * Let Go - Barlow Girl

Instrumentals - Meditation

In this episode, we got songs that will soothe your Spirit and put you at ease, then you can organize your thoughts, and perform deep thinking which is the definition of meditation. Contents include: * Tranquility - Soundtrack (A River Runs Through It) * Irish Instrumentals - Celtic Harps * Rain - Celtic Harps * Freedom - Michael W. Smith * Wedding - Celtic Myst * Chariots of Fire - Ernie Watts * Destiny - Celtic Myst


We all tend to get discouraged when the going gets tough and all hope seems lost, we want to bail, throw in the popular towel, call it quits. In the face of constant opposition, that can happen, but through all that, all you need is a single voice of encouragement, that will serve as the proverbial silver lining, sliver of hope and lift your spirit from the doldrums. We hope these songs will do just that for you. Contents Include: * Open Up Your Eyes - Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack * Signs - Michael W Smith * This is your Life - Switchfoot * 5 Minutes of Fame - Barlow Girl * Brighter Days - Leeland * Take Me Away - Barlow Girl

Hope I

In this episode, our theme is Hope. Be encouraged, and know that no matter how bleak things are in your life, there is hope of a better tomorrow. There is a saying that "Man can survive 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without air, but only 4 seconds without hope". When hope is lost, then all is gone. Contents include: * History - Matthew West * Go Figure - Everlife * It's On - Superchic * Strong Enough - Matthew West * Courageous - Mercy Me * Hang On - Michael W Smith

Children's Day Special

This is the very first episode of the Pneuma Podcast, brought to you by the team at Word and Worship Radio. In this episode, we got Inspiring songs from Superchic, Barlow Girl, Michael W Smith, Britt Nicole, and Jonny Diaz. Contents include: * Bowling Ball - Superchic * She Walked Away - Barlow Girl * When She Cries - Britt Nicole * Place in this World - Michael W Smith * Missing Person - Michael W Smith * Mirror - Barlow Girl * More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz * Wishes - Superchic